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SPM - Special Purpose Machines

We expertise in the manufacturing of custom build machines whether hydraulic, servo /Electrical/CNC controlled machines with complete solution like tooling, software, material handling systems.

Press Automation

  • Two presses integrated with Roller conveyor

  • Automatic component loading and unloading

  • Walking beam mechanism for cross transfer

  • Synchronised dual cylinder press

3. Press automation.JPG

Tube Welding Automation (Round/Rectangular)

  • This SPM is meant for welding of tubular sections employs full automatic functions for welding and only labour intervention needed for loading and unloading of the tubes.

  • There are two welding heads used whereas one end is fixed and other is a movable one.

  • The welding torch head is connected with servo for precise movement of the torch and feed rates can be adjusted as per the actual requirements.

  • The welding is always vertical so at a time 4 heads operate and complete 4 welds. Then the workpiece is rotated 90 degree enabling the other 4 welds to complete and in 2 cycle all the 2x4- 8 welds are completed.

  • The machine uses HMI and recipes will be done as per the workpiece requirements.

  • All the guides for movements are planned with LM guides for precision sliding and perfect results.

4. Tube welding automation.JPG

Water Jet Descaler

  • This 150 bar / 300 bar wate jet machine ensures the incoming part to remove the scales by splashing the pressurised water.

  • The part from the existing furnace will enter to the Descaler.

  • The Descaler will be designed to receive the material and has conveyors suitably to transfer the material to the inlet conveyor of the next machine and is fully hydraulic operated

  • The nozzle sprays high-pressure water on part, both surface to clean the scale while leaf spring pass descaling box.

  • The hydraulic power pack comes with pressure gauge, oil level indicators, temperature indicators, return line filter, air breather etc as a standard package.

6. desclaer.jpg

 Assembly line / machine

  • Consists of 15m slat conveyor

  • CNC 40T hydraulic press

  • Telescopic press for dual operation

  • Integrated with dot peen PLC based

1. assy line.jpg

Heavy Shearing Machine

  • 250Ton hydraulic shearing machine

  • Works by scissor concept also called alligator machine

  • Cut upto 50mm MS flat and 32mm alloy steels

  • With clamping mechanism

2. Heavy shearing.jpg

Styling Press for crucibles

  • This machine fully hydraulically operated meant for making crucibles.

  • The vertical Ram is carrying a slide with hardened inserts with auto lubrications. The ram is fabricated with MS plates and accommodating the bearings in which the revolving shaft is firmly fixed. The shaft end is connected the plunger as per the product desired.

  • The vertical frame body accommodates the vertical cylinder, and the vertical cylinder moves the ram up and down as per the strokes and position desired. A counterweight arrangement is provided for the ram to manage in static position. Hardened liners are placed throughout the length of the frame for covering the entire stroke of the Ram.

  • Horizontal frame of the ram is sliding over 4 insert train in the bottom and one each in the LH and RH sides and also connected with a 4 point Guiding system.

  • Base structure is the part holds the ram assembly and guides them for moving in horizontal directions. The horizontal movements is driven by two hydraulic cylinders.

5. Styling press for crucibles.jpg
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