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LSM - Leaf Spring Machines

Our specialized product is leaf spring machinery and we have developed several lines for automated and manual applications.
Hydraulic presses: We have mastered the hydraulic presses of all kinds, types and construction also conventional or servo presses.

Leaf Spring Correction Press

  • Easily Bend any kind of parabolic leaf springs, bogie leaf springs, multi leaf springs

  • 100% steel plate fabricated structures

  • Easily bend leaf thickness up to 40mm with heavy duty machine and 25mm with light duty machine

  • Full hydraulically operated system to avoid damage to leaf spring, mechanical press system damages the leaf spring. No damage while hammering so good for leaf spring life.

  • Hardened tools and guides give ultimate life.

2. Leaf spring correction press.jpg

Lateral Bend Correction Machine

  • Capacity 100 Ton

  • Suitable for correction of lateral bend before eye rolling

  • Hydraulically operated scissor concept

  • Rigid fabricated structure

Copy of 4..Lat band correction machine.JPG

Air Link Bending Press

  • 3 cylinder with 150+50+150 ton capacity

  • Suitable for all types of airlinks

  • Special tooling needed for the press depend upon geometry of the part

6. Airlink bending machine.jpg

Parabolic Descaler

  • This 150 bar / 300 bar wate jet machine ensures the incoming part to remove the scales by splashing the pressurised water.

  • The leaf from the existing furnace will enter to the Descaler.

  • The Descaler will be designed to receive the material and has conveyors suitably to transfer the material to the inlet conveyor of the next machine and is fully hydraulic operated

  • The nozzle sprays high-pressure water on leaf spring both surface to clean the scale while leaf spring pass descaling box.

  • The hydraulic power pack comes with pressure gauge, oil level indicators, temperature indicators, return line filter, air breather etc as a standard package.

8. Parabolic Descaler.jpg

Eye Boring Machine

  • For better eye finish and Eye wash, eye boring prove to be the right choice. Also the conventional reamer cost is much higher for bigger eyes where silent block bushes are been used.

  • For parabolic leaves where silent blocks are common, eye can be produced by boring with enough stock for good quality eye wash and eye geometry , finish and accuracy which are better achieved with this machine.

10.Eye Borring Machine.jpg

Scragging / Bulldozing / Presetting Press

  • 40/20/10/5Ton hydraulic scragging machine

  • 3 times / 1 time scragging

  • Camber classification

  • Span classification

  • Load- Deflection graph

1. Scragging Press.jpg

Leaf Spring Assembly Machine

  • Leaf spring assembling machine made to clamp and de-clamp safely the leaf springs.

  • The clamping and de-clamping is always a skilled work and the problem is more for peoples who handle heavy springs. In those cases, this machine proves to be a great solution.

  • The machine is fully hydraulically operated and is completely maintenance free and trouble-free for operations.

  • The machine is operated by foot switch. Suitable for all kind of parabolic, bogie and multi leaf springs.

3. Leaf spring Assy Machine.jpg

Parabolic Multi Station Press

  • This multi station press consisting of either 2/3/4 station / cylinders with the below configuration and connected to a common hydraulic power pack and suitable electrical and PLC units.

  • The system is intended for the purpose of using in line with the parabolic leaf rolling operation to perform various operations like Shearing, V-cutting, centre and/or side hole punching, end bending/cranking, stamping, grooving etc.

  • Most of the time the first station will be used for shearing and 2nd station will be used for long v-cutting. 3rd and 4t station can be used for other operations mentioned above or can be used to change the tool for next operation when the machine uses other stations.

  • Stroke or pressure controlled as per the need

5. Parabolic Multi-station.jpg

Parabolic Straightening Machine

  • Capacity : 65 ton

  • Used for straightening the hot parabolic leaf

  • Woks by parallelogram concept

Copy of 7. Parabolc Straightening machine.png

SSP Automation Line

  • The system is meant to work with shot peening machine for stress peening. It is a fully automatic system and only operators are needed to load & unload the leaf and in future can be extended with Robots loading as well.

  • The system Need one loading press and one unloading press ideally for better productivity and smooth flow.

  • By providing two presses approximately productivity can be increased more than 60% than single press option. Also with full automation with presses then we can also offer the system for leaves loaded offline on a leaf transferring system which takes the leaf to loading press automatically and then leaves are held be a central clamping cylinder.

  • Then ram descends to apply the deflection.

  • Then fixture movable clamps held the deflected springs in position and then automatically move to blast chamber through as cross transfer system and an inlet conveyor.

  • At the exit of the machine the fixture is received by an exit conveyor and then through the cross transfer system, the fixture is moved to unloading press and then press ram descends and relieve the spring simultaneously the fixture clamps are moved outwards and then transported to the loading press through a conveyor connected between presses.

9. SSP automation line.jpg

Eye Milling Machine

  • This machine is specially designed for milling eyes of parabolic leaves where width is increased due to rolling and/or stock is more. In that cases, eye grinding is not feasible, or it needs more number of passes and steps to grind the eyes.

  •  So eye milling proves to be a good solution. Eye milling is preferred to do in soft condition before heat treatment.

11.Eye Milling machine.jpg
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