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Tooling is the major contributor for product quality, productivity, and human ergonomics. With our expertise, we could design and manufacture the tooling as per the need of the customers. The tooling can be suitable designed for only manual operations as well for robotic environments.

HSS Hot Rollers

  • Custom built rolls-Developed as per your designs for Fitments

  • Split design to reduce the cost of roll

  • Superior wear resistance and toughness

  • Specially build for hot rolling process

  • Available in different grades as per final life requirements which means life is predictable

  • Any Sizes available

  • Offer excellent rolled surface finish for the leaves

  • Steel made from Virgin Raw material with patented technology

  • Processed from State of art heat treatment facility promising the best metallurgical and mechanical properties

  • So our tufrolls increase productivity, reduces operation and unit cost, making the process more robust.

2. HSS hot rollers.jpg

Press Tools

  • Press tools , drill jigs and machining fixtures are designed as per the requirement.

  • Special steels like D2, H13, HSS etc are used

  • Vacuum hardening and surface enhancement techniques employed

1. Press tools.jpg


  • We develop custom build gauges as per the application and need of the company

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